• Ni Nyoman Tantri IAHN Tampung Penyang
Keywords: Existence, Liang Saragih, Legend


In Central Kalimantan, there is a cultural heritage that is still believed to be a place that is a relic form of a legend, known as Liang Saragi. The legend of Liang Saragih relic known as a sacred site. The existence of this sacred site has become a matter that must be known and studied by students, especially the young generation from the East  Barito and it is possible for young people who come from others. Then, the existence of Liang Saragih in public life, especially  for the Hindus of Awang Hayaping subdistrict is that the Legend of Liang Saragih relics affects the daily lives of Hindus Kaharingan especially in terms of belief in the doctrine of reincarnation. So that is why this Legend can be categorized as one of Hinduism Kingdom.

In addition, although only left the shape of the cave Liang Saragih, It greatly affects the social life of Hindus; this is because the stories told in the legend consisted of many moral values for those who truly believe in the existence of such things.

The existence of heritage of Liang Saragih legend has several functions for the society in general and Hindu in particular, especially Kaharingan. Besides, this legend also includes religious function, social function, economic and aesthetic functions.


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