Kembar Mayang Dalam Upacara Pernikahan Masyarakat Jawa (Tinjauan Filosofis)

  • Duwi Oktaviana STAHN Mpu Kuturan Singaraja


Kembar Mayang is one of the elements contained in the Javanese traditional wedding ceremony. The term Kembar Mayang is known in the form of janur (young coconut leaves) which are decorated with flowers and leaves in such a way and placed on a banana tree. In the life of the Javanese people, Kembar Mayang contains a philosophical meaning that expresses the relationship between humans and nature or their environment. The Javanese point of view emphasizes that there is a cosmological bond between humans and nature/environment. The birth form of the Mayang Twins shows the aesthetic value in it as a medium that shows the reciprocal relationship between humans and their ancestors. On the other hand, Kembar Mayang is a witness to an event. Symbolically, the Mayang Twins witnessed a change in a person's status from a bachelor/virgin to a marital status.


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