Author Guidelines

Article Writing Provisions on Bawi Ayah: Journal of Hindu Religious and Cultural Education, Department of Dharma Acarya STHAN Tampung Penyang Palangka Raya is as follows:

1. Manuscripts must be original and have never been published in other publishing media both online and offline;

2. Manuscripts must be the result of research or scientific study results, be interesting and broad-minded;

3. Manuscripts are made according to the Bawi Ayah journal template: Journal of Hindu Religious and Cultural Education.

4. The article framework consists of: a. The title should be simple, straightforward, effective and interesting. The maximum title consists of 15 words or a maximum of 3 lines (written in English and Indonesian); b. The author's name is made without using a title; c. Author affiliation shows the place of origin of the author; d. The email shows an email from the article writer; e. The abstract consists of a maximum of 150-200 words and is written in Indonesian and English and consists of 1 paragraph; f. Keywords are mentioned under paragraphs of 2-5 words that are mentioned most often in the article; g. Introduction consists of background, objectives, research methods conducted by the author; h. The discussion illustrates the review and analysis of research or writing which can be in the form of pictures / tables and in descriptive form; i. Conclusions are expected to avoid the use of bullets or numbers; j. Bibliography is written using References Manager with APA style and at least 2 articles are published in Bawi Ayah Journal.